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You are now listening to the soothing, melodic voice of Empress Rita Repulsa. Prepare your eardrums for the most beautiful thing you will ever hear.

The Earth’s in sight from my palace tonight
Angel Grove can be seen
A kingdom of bumbling morons and it looks like I’m the Queen
The Power Pinheads always foil all my schemes
Zordon think’s they’ll win? Only in his dreams!

Don’t let them win, they won’t succeed
Be the Empress that’s vile, wicked, and mean!
Finster I need a monster now!
Hurry it up!!!
Let it grow, let it grow!
Magic wand, make my monster grow!
Let it grow, let it grow!
And the Power Punks will know
I will take all that’s filled with joy
And crush it into dust!
Should the Earth be conquered or destroyed?

Imagine when I conquer those puny Earthlings
They’ll call me Empress Rita
Bow down to your evil queen.
It’s time to kick Zedd off his throne
And rule the empire on my own
No man to tell me how to rule
The world!!

Let it grow, let it grow!
My monster will grow in size
Let it grow, let it grow!
I want to see you cry!
Here I stand! And here I’ll stay!
I’m getting a headache!

My evil magic is as dark as my soul!
Tommy Oliver will be back under my control!
And when my evil green ranger takes the stage
The power rangers will no longer be in the way!!

Let it grow, let it grow!
And it’ll rise like the break of dawn
Let it grow, let it grow!
The command center is gone!
Here I stand on Zordon’s grave!
Make my monster grow!!!
And then I’ll deal with my headache…

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ArtistRita Repulsa
TitleLet It Grow


Princess Batman Cosplay by Sunday Cosplay

Not the Princess Gotham deserves, but the Princess Gotham needs.



i forgot what i was doing

saw a gif of this but i can’t remember where i saw it fff if anyone knows, please tell me!


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And now this.


And now this.

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Curioso “Face Swap”


Curioso “Face Swap”

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Here is “Knot”, a short comic I drew to sell at Mocca and TCAF this year. The printed version is going to be SO PRETTY. I’m in love with the cover (which I will post later).

I just wanted to do something fairy-tale-like that talked about doubts and frustrations and how to deal with them. I’m really happy with how colorful and adorable the story turned out to be. 

If you enjoyed “Knot”, please consider reblogging it and/or checking out my ongoing webcomic Namesake! HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!